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Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

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IEMT is a gentle but quick way to evoke change. 


It can be highly effective if you want;

  • Active change when other techniques/interventions have not worked.


  • To enhance your ability to deal with negative emotions that may be holding you back (for example anxiety).


  • To eliminate or reduce phobia's that are getting in the way of your life.


  • To deal with trauma.


  • To get rid of negative/unhelpful identities (i.e. I am useless, I am no good etc.) so you are able to move forward and achieve your goals.


IEMT uses gentle, guided eye movements to help you to quickly disconnect from negative emotions.  It is a content free process so you do not even need to discuss the issue/s in depth if you do not wish to.

You would attend my private office in Adlington, close to Chorley and Horwich where I will discuss your issues before guiding you through a specific eye movement pattern.  This pattern will help your brain to process memories, thoughts and emotions. 


It was once explained to me that, after this process, you still have the memory but the emotion is no longer attached to it, you may even get new perspectives on old problems.

For example if you feel anxious around your boss we can look at how and where that feeling started then work on it so you are able to work alongside your boss without anxiety.  Another example maybe that you need to talk to an ex-partner in a civil way but the memories and emotions connected to them prevents you being able to do so.  An IEMT session will  help you to process these emotions and memories more effectively so they do not  impact on your life anymore.  IEMT can also help with phobias so if you have, for example a fear of wasps IEMT can help you to process this phobia so it is no longer an issue for you.

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It is hard to describe the benefits of IEMT, it is more of an experience so contact me to have an initial consultation and find out more about how it can help you.

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