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Statement of Trauma informed Practice

The purpose of this page is to set out how I work in a trauma informed way 

Trauma is defined as an event/s in which there has been a threat/s (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual etc) to an individual where a person’s coping strategies have been overwhelmed and there has impact on the individual


My practice, as trauma informed;

  • Recognises trauma has an impact on individuals which can be varied and wide ranging, there is no one size fits all.

  • Will help, support and guide individuals on their path to recovery in whichever way suits them as an individual.

  • Will recognise and provide support with the signs and symptoms of trauma however they manifest for that individual.

  • Will utilise and integrate my knowledge about trauma into how I work at every level.

  • Provides an environment of safety.

  • Is transparent.

  • Is always conducted in collaboration with the individual and tailored to individual need – the client is autonomous and I full respect this.

  • Recognises the cultural, historical, gender etc. issues that may be connected to the trauma.

  • Is informed by physiological information about the effect of trauma on the body.

  • Is based on theories around trauma work and stabilisation.

  • Recognises the duel burden some clients may experience of trauma and discrimination.


Throughout my work I will;

  • Constantly look to ensure my knowledge and work is up to date.

  • Evaluate my work and, if at any point, I feel I am not capable will refer on to an appropriate individual.

Please do get in touch with any questions

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