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OldPain2Go® is a simple technique which can help you to let go of unwanted old pain messages (physical pain and emotional/mental pain such as anxiety etc.).  Through a process of discussing the pain, what purpose it may have served and finding new ways of fulfilling that purpose you can 'bargain' with your unconscious to let go of the pain that no longer serves you.

The purpose of pain is often to keep us safe, sometimes though, this pain can persist even when the injury is healed (or there is no longer a reason to be anxious) and there seems to be no medical reason to still have it.  This is where OldPain2Go® can come in.  If you are experiencing pain that has been medically checked out and been told there is nothing else that can be done, that you have to live with it, then OldPain2Go® may be the next step for you.  


You can find more details here 


Sessions last up to an hour and cost £70 

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