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Life Coaching

Be all that you and only you can be

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Is it time for a change?  

Change is the act or process of doing something differently, it can be an extremely scary thing. It brings unknowns with it, often, as much as we want to or need to make a change it is hard to make the move to do so because of the fear of the unknown. Even if we are in a place that is horrible and/or uncomfortable, that place can seem safer than jumping into the unknown Life Coaching can help and support you to make this leap into the unknown, to make the changes that you want and need in your life.


Life Coaching is a gentle therapy which involves different tools that help and support you to work towards any goals/dreams/aspirations you may have and to make changes in your life and in yourself. Changes to how you manage your emotions, changes to how you think and feel about yourself, changes to how you react to situations, changes to your day to day life, basically any type of change, big or small. 

In a session, through discussion and questioning, I will help you look at where you are now and what exactly you want. Together we will look at your strengths, weaknesses and resources and how you can utilise these.  I will then help you formulate an achievable action plan to get to where you want to be and develop the resources to do so.


Part of the magic of NLP is that I don't need to know all the in's and out's of what is going on for you if you don't want to tell me.

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Sessions can take place in my office in Adlington, close to Chorley and Horwich or over the phone/online

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