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Privacy Statement

picture of a quote 'Be who you are, say what you feel beacuse those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind


Some websites track you as you move around, recording every page and sometime mouse moves. This can also include Facebook and Google Analytics tracking. We do not have any tracking on this site. We do not use Cookies or any other way of tracking who is using the site.

Browser History

Your browser will record your visit to this site. We recommend you clear your browser history or use "Incognito", this will prevent other people who may use your computer from seeing that you have accessed this site.

Delete Browser History

Contact Form / Email

The contact form on this website emails Amethyst Counselling and a single authorised person will have access. Once the email is read its permanently deleted. Until the email is read, it's security stored on the server.


Amethyst Counselling keeps a written record of your name, address, contact details, emergency contact and GP.  You have the choice of how you would like to be contacted.  These details are kept, in a locked cabinet, in the office.  Only Amethyst Counselling has access to this cabinet. These records will be kept for 5 years then securely shredded as per insurers requirements.


Amethyst counselling makes brief notes at the end of our sessions; these notes are anonymised with a unique client id number so you cannot be identified.  the specifics of what we discuss are NOT recorded, just the general themes of each session.  These notes are kept on a password protected computer in a password protected document that only Amethyst Counselling can access.  They will be permanently deleted 5 years after counselling has ended as per my insurer’s specifications.


GDPR information

  • You have the right to request to see your notes, within 30 days of such a request being submitted in writing. 

  • You have the right to request correction/erasure of information I hold on you, again requests need to be in writing.

  • You have the right to refuse to provide any details.

  • You can withdraw consent to the storage of your information at anytime.

  • No personal details will be shared with any outside parties without your explicit, written consent (except in the circumstances detailed above under confidentiality


Amethyst Counselling (under the name Ruth Taylor) is registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Registration number ZA497931

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