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Autumnal changes and climbing Mt. Everest

The summer is drawing to its end and autumn is on the horizon, you can almost smell it in the air now – I can’t wait. It is one of my favourite times of year, cooler days (so lovely snuggly jumpers and blankets), comfort food, evenings in with the fire on and a good film, conker hunting, the beautiful colours of the trees, the crunch of leaves under foot….I love it! (Though perhaps not the giant spiders that invade my home every year around this time!).

To me Autumn signifies a time of change, a time when new things are possible and sometimes needed, (I think this connected to the whole new school year, shiny new pencil case syndrome). Deciding to make a change can, at first feel exciting, with all the possibilities it brings…….unfortunately it can then descend into feeling overwhelmed and scared as the reality sets in of actually making a change, but then staying where you are also feels untenable – so what can you do?

How about make a choice and then take one step at a time towards that?

Looking at the change you want to make, the destination, can seem overwhelming, impossible even, often leading you to give up before you have even begun. It can be like deciding you are going to climb Mt Everest and attempting it by looking at the peak all the time, you would probably quickly give up. How would it be, instead, to set a goal before break it down into smaller steps, then focus on the first step, then the next, then the next, as you go? When the going gets tough, when you start to doubt what you are doing reminding yourself of why you are doing it, why you need the change and looking back at where you have been, celebrating what you have done so far, rather than how far you have to go, would that help?

What changes are you planning on making and how will you make them? It can be one thing deciding you want a change but if you don’t know the route to your destination how will you get there? What route will you take and what step, no matter how small, can you take today, to start you off on that road?

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