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Getting out and about

So, according to many studies and an article I recently read in the Independent newspaper ( ) spending time outside is good for our mental health. Just two hours (just!!!!!) a week has been shown to boost health and well-being. This is all well and good on a nice sunny spring day but just a little harder when its dark, cold, wet and windy! Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love watching the leaves turn beautiful colours but lets be honest, in the UK, especially in the northwest, beautiful clear, crisp autumn days are few and far between. Its more likely to be windy and wet in this neck of the woods!

How can we get out and about when the weather seems to be all for us stating inside and hibernating? I find having a reason to go out helps me. There are more and more activities going on in the area to encourage people outside. There are numerous walking groups in the area ( where you can meet up with others, and a few organised walks anyone can join in (see socialising, exercise and fresh air triple score!

Chorley Council has a couch to 5k programme 3 times a year, now as someone who only runs if she is being chased I can actually recommend this, I even made a few friends doing it.

For the daring there is a gym where all the exercising is done outdoors, in all weathers, it does look like a challenge but I know people who go here and all speak highly of the support for all levels of fitness.

Many counsellors, including myself soon, offer walk and talk therapy. Counselling outside if you will, you walk and you talk, it does what it says on the tin. Not only are you getting exercise and fresh air but some people find it helps as it is less threatening than sitting in a room one on one.

Lastly my biggest reason to go out, even in the rain, is my dog, I have to walk him no matter what the weather (though he isn't keen on the rain either!).

Walking/running/exercising in the rain is therapeutic. I have done it and I do enjoy the sound of the rain on the trees, I find it therapeutic, relaxing to some extent, The biggest problem I have is rain on my glasses which, if you wear glasses you will understand, is a pain.

How can you get outside a bit more in the coming months?

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