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Just keep swimming!

How are you doing?

There is so much going on right now, so much information being thrown at us, often conflicting and/or vague, and things are changing quickly. How are you coping with it?

It is times like this that anxiety can become heightened, new things you had never even considered before come up, new worries start nagging at you, things can seem overwhelming and scary….. Its ok, you have got this, just breathe……

To help myself I am using this time as a lesson in dealing with the right now. All I have, all I can control, all I know, is what is going on for me right now, on this day, in this moment. Whatever happens tonight, tomorrow, next week will come, and I will cope and adjust to it as it comes.

Focusing on my breathing is helping, when I find myself thinking too far ahead, when I feel the panic building I remind myself all I have is right now and breathe, focusing in the sensations of the breath as I breath in and out, slowing it down to a count of 4 in, hold for 4, out for 4 hold for 4.

Mindfulness helps too. I have a subscription to Headspace (through AnxietyUK) and find many of the meditations on there helpful, particularly as I can tailor the length according to how much time I have. Calm is another meditation app that has been recommended to me and you can also find some free ones on the likes of YouTube – What do you use?

Another technique I find helps is writing down what I can and can’t control. I draw out 2 circles. In one I write down all the things I can’t control, the other all the things I can control. Once I have done this I look at the first circle and find ways I can minimise the impact of the things I can’t control and keep calm. With the second circle I look at what I need to do with what I can control and come up with an achievable, realistic plan to deal with it. This works for me, give it a go and see if it works for you.

When I find things getting too much and breathing, mindfulness and writing thing down don't help I do some EFT (tapping). This really helps me to calm down and shifts my perspective on things, I find it relaxing doing a few rounds of this and its easy to pick up

and do yourself.

Finally I am making sure I stay in contact with friends and family, utilising social media and modern tech

I am still seeing new and current clients through this, mainly online and over the phone so if you feel like you are struggling and want a bit of support get in contact, I can do one of sessions or longer term, whatever you need.

All the best, look after yourself and do what you need to do to look after you, be kind to others and to yourself.

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