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NLP presuppositions - what are they and how can they help you? Part 2

So in the last blog we got to the 8th presupposition, I wonder how you have felt and what you have thought about the ones so far, if any of them have been helpful or challenged your way of thinking and I wonder what the next 6 will bring up for you?

9. You cannot not communicate

10. The meaning of your communication is the response you get

11. The person with the greatest flexibility of thought and behaviour will have the greatest influence in any interaction.

12. Experience has structure

13. The unconscious mind is benevolent

Your unconscious mind is always working to help and look after you in the best way it can. It has been doing this since you were a child and has been absorbing information, building habits/programmes since then, habits/programmes designed to help and protect you, though they may no longer serve that purpose

14. Human behaviour is purposeful

15. All behaviour has a positive intention

16. People work perfectly

So there you have it, please do let me and others know what you think about these, have they changed anything for you?

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