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Change is a scary thing for many people, it often involves stepping into the unknown, into uncharted territory, often provoking anxiety. Change is everywhere, whether it be changing your hair colour, job even everyone's favourite topic at the moment Brexit! Most of the hardest life events we will experience will involve change.

Amethyst Counselling is going through some changes right now, new website, new services and even, in the next few weeks, new premises! All quite anxiety provoking I can tell you!

How do we deal with it? how can we tame our anxiety gremlin when change happens to us? Well personally I am looking at the positive side to the changes. Yes there are risks but no risk no reward, so they say. I am looking at the positives these changes can bring, how will they enhance my life? What good can come from them? I am also recognising that yes there will be stress and making sure I plan on some self-care to balance the stress, so you may even see me at the gym more often!!! (which incidentally will also help as Stephanie Sarkis says in her blog ). Lastly, and it wouldn't be a counselling blog without mentioning this, I am talking about the change, talking about how my anxiety feels to me and asking for support when I feel like I need it.

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